Hip Hop Artist/Producer

DaeShawn Forrest

The Purpose of Transparency

Transparency was founded on the desire to create art that is exactly that, transparent. Our purpose is to create high-quality and impactful art primarily through music and film that is reflective of the lives of everyday people throughout the world. We desire to not only showcase the flaws that many would otherwise sweep under the rug, but to also demonstrate that it is because of our very flaws that we need God in our lives. As time passes, our commitment will always remain the same: impact the world by telling our story.

New Music Video, Won't Last Forever

Won't Last Forever

New Music Video, What Will It Take?

What Will It Take?


Born on August 10, 1999, DaeShawn Forrest developed a love for music as a child by witnessing his close relatives play music in church. He also developed a love for Hip Hop when his dad, who is also his pastor, would play artists such as The Cross Movement, Da’ T.R.U.T.H., and much more. Around the age of 15, DaeShawn would go on to teach himself how to play the piano, organ, and the bass guitar. However, it wasn’t until he started college that he would decide to take a leap of faith to become an artist and study Recording Arts. He couldn’t ignore how much music has had an impact on his life and prayed that the Lord would do the same for others through his music. After releasing his first album titled “State of Mind”, DaeShawn would go on to peak at #12 on DRT radio charts. In just his first three years, DaeShawn has released two albums, one EP, and one mixtape. In July 2020, DaeShawn launched his own company called Transparency, under which he releases all of his art.

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